Qiosk is the only news application that keeps you up-to-date in your career.
Have the latest news and information affecting you and your profession at your fingertips.

Breaking Professional News

Crawling thousands of feeds for news and information you need

Sharing Tools

Share your knowledge using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS texting

Save Key Articles

Add and delete favorite articles with a touch

Be the First to Know

You will be the industry insider at meetings

Customized for You

Select only the news feeds you trust

MyWorld ready

Source your own personal news feeds

Easy to Use

Just launch, and select your profession with one touch of the screen. Your news feeds will appear on the home screen.


Built for iOS and Android devices

The Qiosk app is designed to work on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. (Windows, Kindle Fire and Web stay tumed!)


Download and install the app

Go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Search for Qiosk News. Download the app to your device and install.


Select your profession

Select one or more professions from the list. You can always return and change, refine or add


Eliminate unwanted feeds

As a default, all of the feeds are selected. Return to the profession listings to uncheck unwanted sources


Touch panel to read

When you see an interesting title and blurb, touch the panel to be taken to the whole article


Share or save the article

Buttons in the tool bar allow you to share with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. Favorite star curates...


MyWorld personal feeds

MyWorld will help you find feeds from your favorite websites, not necessarily related to your work


Read the news on your computer

Enjoy all of the functionality on your computer, and sync your profession and favorites to your mobile device.

What Our Users are Saying

"Your news app has saved me an hour each day. I used to go to many of the sites you pull from, and each visit took time. Now, you deliver the news to me."

-Marketing Manager from California

"Finally, a news aggregator that focuses on my profession! Your app searches the sites that are important to me, without showing tons of articles that aren’t relevant. Many thanks!"

-COO from New York

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